Soft pillow-top mattress

Soft Pillow top mattress

This mattress has a completely unique and new material quality. It is a true pressure-relieving mattress of so called memory foam of visco-elastic type, but not particularly heat sensitive. Soft mattress pad hardens almost not at all when it is in a cool or cold environment. SweHealth is the first in Sweden to introduce this unique material with entirely new properties in a mattress. The extra soft and especially suitable for pressure-sensitive people with disorders like fibromyalgia, arthritis, muscle pain, discomfort in the shoulders and neck. A soft 8 cm thick pillow-top mattress with a removable inner cover made of cotton with a zipper and coated with a thick laminated Beight stretch fabric with polyester on the inside and 100% cotton exterior.

Guarantee !: Do the same mattress at a lower price, we will match it

Shipping: 300kr to you / 100kr for return
Warranty: 10 year warranty
Testing at home: 30 days free testing
Delivery time: 2-5 days A medical top product for better health, sleep and quality of life

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