TM mattress

TM mattresses

TM mattresses have the highest density and also offers Outlast® technology gives you the optimum individual body temperature, not too hot or too cold, just right. TMS has viscoelastic mattresses and pillow-top cell material of the highest quality with a density of 85 kg / m3. Outlast® temperature regulating technology

Pillow top mattresses mold to the body and distributes pressure over a larger area, which promotes blood circulation throughout the body. These positive properties of the material can cause increased body heat. For that you should not get too hot or cold the TM-beds the temperature regulating Outlast® materials, for all its products. Outlast® is the most efficient temperature regulating material and give you the optimal individual body temperature, not too hot or too cold, just right. Outlast® keeps you comfortable all night

The material helps the body to achieve and maintain the optimal individual body temperature and gives a deep and comfortable sleep. During sleep changes our body temperature several times, which disrupts sleep. With Outlast® temperature-controlled material temperature is kept within the ideal comfort zone for sleep. How Outlast® material acts TM Beds uses the patented temperature regulating Outlast® material. Outlast® absorb and store excess heat when you're hot and gives off stored heat when the temperature drops. Outlast® material consists of tiny microcapsules containing a PCM material that melts and store excess heat when heated and emits extra heat when the ambient temperature drops. The delicate regulation occurs constantly throughout the night to keep the temperature within the comfort zone, this ensures a great comfort and healthier sleep.

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