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Good Facial Sauna | Swehealth

Ansiktsångare Spa

News 2016 Treat yourself to a spa treatment that leaves skin soft and silky

This incredible product is designed to provide soothing facial steam opens the pores and helps to remove dirt, bacteria and makeup residues .You will enjoy a spa treatment that makes the skin soft and silky, soft steam also helps to open up the nasal passages

Thanks to a design you will also enjoy when it suits your face perfectly

Lightweight and portable, so you can carry with you everywhere

How to use:

1. Add water

Use water cup to add 50ml of water in the cup, the water level must not exceed the MAX

2. Install vapor mask

Put steam mask on the base, turn it clockwise to the


3. Fit the aroma box

Open the box, add aroma essential oil, solid spices (not included), and place it on the face plate after pulling the scent box lid, though it clockwise (if you do not have to aromatherapy, skip this step

4. Heat

Power on, switch to the "L" for normal face streaming, switching to "H" for quick face steam

5. Steaming face

Experts advise: do not exceed 20 minutes each time, and no more than 3 / week

6. Stop

Turn the switch to "0", the indicator light means stop heating, then unplug the power cord, wait at least 5 minutes, remove the mask or nose steam steamboat, and finally pour the remaining water

7. Cleaning

With cold water to clean the face when steaming stopped, then apply moisturizing cream

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