Foot Care Chair - Extens

Fotvårdsstol med mycket stabil struktur. En motor styr höjdjustering. Rygg och oberoende benstöd reglering av gas pumpen. Vit PVC sömlös klädsel av hög kvalitet och enkel rengöring. Avtagbart nackstöd kudde. Elektrisk Pedikyr stol (PVC, 1 …

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Foot care chair work chair foot care with very stable structure. An engine controls height adjustment. Back and independent legrest regulation of the gas pump. White PVC seamless upholstery of high quality and easy cleaning. Removable headrest pillow. Electric Pedicure Chair (PVC, 1 Engine)

Size without armrests: 190x56 cm 

Size with armrests: 190x74, 5 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Upholstery: PVC

Up and Down 60/78 cm

Additional accessories


paper Holder

Foot pedal

Debris tray

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1Angle 45º ~ 85º
2Up and Down ±8 cm
3Up and Down 60/78 cm
4Angle 0º ~ 85º
5Extension ±15 cm

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