Pedicure Chair, Swedish Made

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Perfekt om man vill använda stolen som massagebänk

Foot care chair, electrical

Swedish Made

Pedicure chair designed in close cooperation with experienced podiatrist. A smooth, user-friendly and ergonomic chair with modern design.

With its four motors (one for each leg, one for height, one for the seat angle), it is a chair that is very easily adjusted to the ideal working posture.

Hand controls have a very handy feature that saves time: With a single touch controlled four engines (the seat angle, height and both leg supports), thereby restoring the chair quickly and easily from the highest ?? treatment position ?? to the original position where the patient can go on and on, and vice versa low to high position.


Neck pillow, adjustable leg / foot rests, very stable armrest (folding back), central locking wheels, wire bound hand and foot controls (wireless controller is also available).


You can choose from five colors: brown, platingrå, dark blue, black and burgundy.

Two-year warranty.

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