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Tattoo chair hydraulic - White

Professionell vit hydraulisk stol utformad för tatuering, permanent smink eller skönhetsvård. Denna stol erbjuder ett antal justerbara ställen för din komfort och komfort för dina kunder. Du kommer att uppskatta de avtagbara armstöden när …

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Professional black hydraulic chair designed for tattoo, permanent make-up or beauty care. This chair offers a number of adjustable places for your comfort and convenience for your customers. You will appreciate the detachable armrests when tattooing while sitting and the ability to straighten the chair in a horizontal position and an adjustable face opening to provide maximum comfort to the customer when tattooing while lying down.

The entire chair can be rotated and then locked in the desired position. The metal legs guarantee the chair's maximum stability. Adjust the height with the hydraulic control and adjust the backrest and legrest with mechanical control.

The chair's weight capacity is 130 kg.

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Length 185 cm

Height 55 - 78 cm

Width 65 cm

Weight 61 kg

Black: White

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