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Massage table - Tarsus Malli helposti

Stability and security
In product development, we have balanced between keeping the weight down but retain Tarsus-pews tremendous stability. Therefore EASY same stable head support model TE.

It also strengthened the legs to make it stable even in sideways, a gain MA, TE and ZON not need to because the dimensions are larger there.

Easy is, all of our portable massage tables, equipped with only two pairs of legs. Safety is further supplemented by the struts during the massage table, the locking rings.

EASY and TE reminds a lot about each other, but EASY is niched to anyone who needs a little lower bench that is easy to carry
Approximately 8.5 to 9.5 kg depending on width.
45, 50 cm.
50-60 cm (the other laptop is 60-80 cm). We have been asked on more bone, but we lose the stability, which is unacceptable. 60 cm is maximum height of this slim model.
10 years on frame, otherwise 2 years. Valid during normal wear.
Upholstered in leather, 3 cm polyether. Special plywood, strong but extra easy.
Adjustable in height, retractable.

LOA 160 cm including headrest.

Height folded 65 cm

Reminiscent of the TE model, however, is shorter and slimmer material dimensions.

The safe and sturdy headrest from model TE are also included in EASY.

Sold in packages of lateral support and a bag with backpack straps.

Standard color of the chassis is gray, black lacquered optional 750kr

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