Tarsus bench- Model MA

Massage table Tarsus MA 45cm * Easy * Very stable * 10 year warranty * Adjustable height 60-80 cm * Many widths * Many color options * Many accessories * Can be "transformed" into a stationary bench if it is complemented with an electrically or …

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Portable treatment bench with face hole white lacquered chassis. Also available in black lacquer.

  •  Easy 
  •  Very stable
  • 10 year warranty
  •  Adjustable in height 60-80 cm
  • Many widths
  • Many color options
  • Many accessories

Can be "turned" into a stationary bench if supplemented by an electric or hydraulic

Model MA is our first best seller.

With its design, the treatment bench is the easiest to fold up and fold.

Model MA is available ... 

* in widths 45-70 cm 

* in five artificial leather colors 

* white or black lacquered chassis 

* with 4 cm padding as standard (6 cm optional

* height-adjustable between 60-80 cm as standard (optional 70-90 cm

..all to be able to adapt to your business and taste. 

Like all our portable treatment benches, the Model MA is equipped with only two leg pairs. The idea with that design and construction is that it should be completely free of the therapist under the treatment bench.

Thus, as a therapist, you do not have to bump your legs into anything when you treat. 

Even from the short side it is possible to get the legs under the bench. 

Width 50 cm is excellent for, for example, classic massage. It is also the most widely sold width of model MA and TE. 

The advantage of a narrow bench is that you get close to your patient. You do not have to lean over the bench and thus unnecessarily tear on your own body. 

Model MA, like the TE and ZON models, can be used with our electric or hydraulic chassis

If you are unsure whether the width is sufficient, our side arm supports are advantageously recommended. There are also plenty of other accessories to choose from. 

NOTE! 45cm width includes side armrests

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Treatment bench with facial holes. Can also be obtained without face holes (suitable for use as a bench or with a headrest (optional). A simple strap to hold the arms is mounted under the front cushion (applies to widths up to 60 cm).
Length: 190 cm. Can be supplemented with headrest, then the bench will be 220 cm.
Length folding: 95 cm
Width: 60 cm. Also available in 45, 50, 55 or 70 cm. Can be supplemented with side support, which widens the bench by about 10 cm / side (pre-drilled holes are in the sides of the bench).
Height: 60-80 cm. Also available in height 70-90 cm at extra cost.
Weight: about 15 kg
Maximum load: 150 kg in the middle of the bench, 200 kg distributed throughout the bench.
Pads: 4 cm upholstery upholstered in artificial leather. Also available with 6 cm padding at extra cost.
Warranty: 10 years on chassis, 2 years on other details. Applies to normal use in accordance with the Operating Instructions.

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