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Köp Tens apparat test

TENS apparatus | SweTens pocket

Pain relief without drugs


Smooth's device that fits in your pocket. Get pain relief when you are out walking or in the office. This Tensappparat powered by a rechargeable battery

TENS gives blah good effect on tense, sore muscles.

Adjustable timer between 10-60 minutes

 Adjustable strength / intensity in 20 levels

-16 Different programs

Electrodes included -4


-USB Charging cable to the computer

-Nätadapter (International travel charger 110V-240V)

What is TENS

TENS, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, is a method for pain relief based on stimulation by weak electric currents. A battery-powered device transmits via cables to the power plates that is put on the body. The method is used in both acute and chronic pain conditions. TENS can be used both in so-called nociceptive pain, where the pain usually originates in the joints, bones, muscles, skin, and in internan]], and when the pain is neuropathic or neurogenic (i.e. the pain is derived from the nervous system). TENS pain relief may be used in connection with the (pre) delivery. In Sweden and Finland, there is the possibility of renting a TENS unit for pain relief at home when contractions begin. The method has also proven to give pain relief and improved wound healing by peripheral circulatory disorders. TENS is also effective in the treatment of nausea. TENS may be sufficient as the only treatment form, but can also be a valuable complement to other pharmacological and / or physical treatment. TENS can be combined with many other treatments, including pharmacological therapy and acupuncture. // Source https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/TENS

These electrodes fit: https://www.swehealth.se/tens-muskelstimulering-c-201/elektroder-och-tillbehor-c-202/sjalvhaftande-elektroder-tens-50x90mm-p-1928

FDA Rated (highest safety class of medical products in the United States)

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