TENS EMS Foot Massage | circulation trimmer

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Sleep better by treating acupuncture points

Don't buy a big clumsy machine with the same effect

The foot massage tens carpet is used anywhere anytime. Smart EMS TENS directly stimulates different points on the foot. By sending out electrical impulses through the feet, the muscles are stimulated which causes blood circulation to start. Many elderly people have poor blood circulation in their feet and can easily relax and reduce fatigue. 

The massager helps improve blood circulation experience a relaxing foot massage 3 different massage types with 6 different levels 


Intelligent EMS massage directly stimulates acupuncture points, alleviates soreness and reduces fatigue.

Treat acupuncture points, suitable for all types of feet and feet of different sizes.

EMS foot massage, small and portable, have in the office for foot massage

Lightweight and portable, anytime, anywhere

Battery: 2 * AAA battery (not included)

USB cable 


Material: PU leather + ABS

Size: 32.5 * 15 * 3.5 cm

Weight: 175g

Om du har dålig blodcirkulation kan det ge symptom kan vara kalla händer och fötter och vita tår och fingrar, kallt runt tårna, domningar och stickningar i olika delar av kroppen, trötthet och muskelkramper i benen och ledvärk mm

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