Altena tilt - treatment bench

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Altena Tilt

Available in width: 68 cm and 73 cm

A super delicious massage table / behandlingsbänk.Bänken have many options when you can raise and lower the bench by the foot and manual tilt / lower back. The bench comes with a quiet Linak motor. The bench is easy to use with removable armrests, neck and neck pillow, deluxe removable head support (not shown) and the armrests in the headrest (not shown). Moreover, it is possible to connect one extra fotjusterare (optional). A professional bench with many uses.

Altena Classic comes with the following features:

- Multi-adjustable head restraints (removable)

- Armhylde the main support (removable)

- Head restraints (removable)

- The headrest pillow (removable)

- Arm (portable)

- Låsbare wheels

- 1 fotjusterare

- 1 Linak quality engine

- Sweden: the best warranty!

Height: 184 cm
Length incl. head restraints: 210 cm
Width: 68 cm or 73 cm
Height: 51-97 cm
Weight: 63 kg

Strength * 250 kg
* Safety Tested for production. Meets SweHealths stringent strength and stability.

Frame: Iron
Bottom panel: Plywood
Upholstery: leather, oil-and water-repellent
Filling: 7.5 cm foam rubber in high quality

Engine: 4-year warranty
Frame: lifetime warranty
Other: 2 year warranty

Normal delivery time about 2 weeks

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