Chiropractor bench drop bench

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manipulation bench sold

7 split Chiropractor bench - naprapath with drop bench

Can be used for back, neck, shoulders and other parts that need treatment.

- Armrests included

- Paper roll holder for the main part is included

- Adjustable foot (to stabilize) included

- Adjustable headrest: (0º to + 20º) inclination and distance between 2-section

- Footrest section ± 12 cm extendable and adjustable height

- 4 adjustable drops with hands: cervical, thorax, lumbar spine and


Electric height adjustable between 55 - 90cm with foot control 

2 lockable wheels and 2 adjustable legs

Length 160 - 200cm, width 55cm

Max load 225kg

Upholstery 8cm, 36g / m2

Durable, fire, oil and water resistant medical PVC

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