Meditation Cushions


Give away Meditation Cushion heart-shaped Popular Meditation Cushions are: Meditation Cushion Black, Pink, Meditation Cushion round organic

Our meditation cushions are available in three shapes, round, kidney-shaped and cylinder. The inner bag has an opening to do that you can load and reins from buckwheat shells to the desired volume / height / hardness. Zafu is the Japanese name of meditation cushion. Select round pillow if you want to sit with my legs crossed until the body in different ways, it can be termed full lotus, tailor, Burmese or Seiza position.

If you want to sit on the knee with a pillow between your ankles so-called Diamond rack, fit the round pad set on edge. Choose bean-shaped pillow if you want to sit in the half lotus position, means that one foot is on the thigh with the sole of the foot upward, the other foot is on the floor. The indentation in the bean-shaped make room for your heel and facilitates precisely this position.

Yogabolstret used as support in various yoga positions and can also be used to support the head or knees in sleep mode.

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