Female pelvis with muscles, uterus & bladder

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Elegant complete female brook incl. L4 and L5 with demonstration of the pelvic floor muscles, vagina with uterus and ovaries, bladder and rectum. Vagina and uterus can be divided such as endometrium, myometrium, corpus uteri can be seen. The ovaries clearly show fimbriae, Ostium abdominal. The bladder clearly shows fundus vesicae, plica interureterica, osteium ureteris sinistrum / dextrum and rectum. Both the vagina, urinary tract and rectum have a passage that makes it more realistic and you can, for example, demonstrate catheter insufficiency. The model also shows the outer genitalia clearly and the bulb vestibuli, glandula vestibularis, clus clitoridis are shown in blue color. Gloss Clitoridis is highlighted in yellow color. The pelvic floor muscles include the following: M. Sphincter with corpus anococcygeumM. levator ani (puborectalis, pubococcygeus, iliococcygeus) M. obturatorius internusM. transversus perinei superficialisM. ischiocavernosusM. bulbospongiosusLig. sacrotuberaleLig. sacrospinalA fantastic model for teaching for example. the woman's abdomen and pelvic floor exercises and at a good price.

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