Dark black aluminum frame 51x66 cm for posters

Mattsvart aluminiumram 51x66 cm till planscher

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51x66 cm

Elegant and discreet matte aluminum frame that makes your study material a decorative item!

Our 51x66 cm posters in PAPPERSFORMAT are suitable for this frame. Laminated posters with dimensions 51x66 cm are a bit too big, since their lamination makes them a few millimeters higher and wider. Thus, the lamination edge must be cut before these posters fit in the frame. If you have a planner with metalists, these must also be removed. We therefore recommend posters in 51x66 cm size paper that fit perfectly with this frame. 

All frames come with front protection made of polystyrene, which has the same characteristics as real glass but is much more durable. Suspension brackets in two directions on the back allow the frame to easily hang up and adjust.

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