The Anatomy Anatomy of the Movement Swedish and Latin

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The ultimate anatomy plan: A tool for anyone who works with or simply has an interest in the human body's anatomy and does not want to compromise on quality.

The plan has been developed in collaboration with medical students and has been deluged by mistakes by experts. Unlike similar anatomical posters, it contains everything about bones, joints, ligaments and muscles in the body and head and can therefore be used as an atlas in superstitious form. The content is tailor made for students on the physician, physiotherapy, nursing and many other healthcare programs. The plan gives a visual overview but without compromising on the details. An ambitious and professional planch that is also really nice to look at. 

The plan is recommended by Professor Jørgen Olsen, who is the course leader of the anatomy course at Copenhagen University.


- Legs and legs 

- Muscles incl. origin and attachment

- Leader and important ligaments

- Grouped and named after the same system as Danish literature by Bojsen-Møller and J. Tranum-Jensen

- Swedish-Latin Nomenclature 
- Format: 70x100 cm, 250g paper - perfect for framing 
- In the pdf file at the product images on the left you can read about the few exceptions where the plan has not been able to include all the details. 

Read about the EA1 poster in English - click here


"I use my planch to study the body's anatomy and especially to practice the names of the legs. The best part is that it is both incredibly nice as an interior detail and at the same time very useful and extremely pedagogically structured. "- Martin, Nursing student 

"The plank is in my treatment room and is very helpful in my daily life due to its detail and transparency. I use it to remind myself of muscle origin and brackets, but also to illustrate my explanations for clients. The best thing is enough - in combination with the above - that I have the information exactly where I will use it and do not need to look into a book. " - Michael

"On other posters, really many details are missing, ie. When you get on the education, they can not be used to anything. Once you've learned what the muscles are called, there's no more to retrieve. However, this plan can be continued. "- Jennifer, medical student

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