Heart anatomical leaflet

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This laminated brochure contains the most popular anatomical images in a neat, compact format that is easy to carry everywhere. The guide demonstrates numbered anatomical structures and contains English-Latin names, which can be hidden to test yourself. This brochure is an updated second edition, with new design and anatomical content and organization. The brochure's lamination ensures good durability and water resistance. When the brochure is closed, the format is 23x10.5 cm. When it is folded up, it is large as an A4 page, with print on both sides. The contents of this booklet include: Anterior (including cross-section) and posterior view of the heartCrice vessels and veins, incl. cross-section of artery and venThorax anatomyCirculationVy and explanation of the cardiac cycle including systolic, ventricular systolic and diastoleDeclaration of blood pressure and table with normal, low and high BTVisar and explains the cardiac conduction system, flaps and electrocardiogram (ECG).

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