Transparent Massage Cups silicone cups

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Cupping sets

Transparent silicone cups

Transparent / transparent silicone cups of the highest quality, coupling massages have become popular massage form, so we have put together this coupling set. Coupling massage works so that the cups are placed on the body and when a vacuum / vacuum is created the tissue is lifted up so that blood circulation is stimulated and slag products are released.

Also used in Chinese medicine to stimulate acupuncture points to balance the body etc. 

It also affects blood circulation which increases blood flow, as well as the lymphatic system, connective tissue, skin and underlying tissue.

One usually resembles it as a deep connective tissue massage. Silicone copper or cupping as it is called also works to reduce cellulite

- No fire is needed which makes them extra safe

- More stable and safe

- Easy to take with you

- Material: Silicone - guaranteed durability, long use and easy care

- Very flexible; works well on elbows, knees, hands and feet

Contains: 1 cup set = 4 Cups of different sizes

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