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Massage gun 

Should not be compared with cheaper similar variants

Massage Gun Hi5 Nova is the latest and most revolutionary portable massage gun that uses 6 sets of fast charged lithium-ion batteries from renowned electric car manufacturer Tesla to support up to 9 hours of driving time 

Reduce muscle stiffness and soreness, adherence of fascia tissue, scar tissue accumulation by up to 2,900 percussion per minute. 

Nova Massage Gun is created for training recovery, athletes exercise, weight loss techniques, nervous system activator, stress relief, fatigue reliever 

Technical specification:

Weight: Only 0.83 kg, easy to hold and use 

Quick Charge Time: 6 Sets of Fast Charging Tesla Lithium Ion Batteries to Support 2.5 Hours of Charging to Provide Unlimited Deep Massage 

Speed / Strength: 

Level 1: 30 Hz, 1800 beats per minute 

Level 2: 40 Hz, 2400 beats per minute 

Level 3: 48Hz, 2900 beats per minute 

Muscle penetration, depth: 80 mm 

Stroke length: 12 mm 

Engine: Powerful brushless Hi-Torqe engine 

Battery: Lithium (Rechargeable) 

Battery life: 4-6 hours in normal use. 9 hours at the lowest level without resistance. 

Battery charge: 2.5 h 


Warranty: 1 year full warranty

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