Massage gun Massagepistol SWEPOWER

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Massage gun SWEPOWER

Battery from Panasonic

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Massage gun SWEPOWER Swehealth is the massage gun that has an extremely powerful 220W motor that enables deep massage. To make the massage as quiet and quiet as possible, the massage gun is also equipped with the unique Flowglide technology

Made of Aluminum and the massage gun has 6 nozzles for easy access to all muscle groups (Please compare with others)

Perfect for all ambitious naprapaths, elite athletes, masseurs, therapists and active people

Thanks to the Quiet Glide ™ technology, the SWEPOWER Swehealth Massage Gun is very quiet to use even at the highest level of 3200 rpm

Six massage levels with up to 3200 beats per minute can help relieve muscle stiffness and sore muscles and improve blood circulation, range of motion and general soft tissue health.

Of course, Massage Pistol SWEPOWER also has a brand new 3-stage pressure sensor that gives the user immediate feedback on the right treatment pressure.

Benefits of SWEPOWER at a glance:

Can help relieve sore muscles, muscle stiffness and muscle pain

May lead to faster regeneration times

Can help muscle injuries heal faster

Can increase the range of motion

Increases local blood flow to the tissues

Very light and easy to use

Six nozzles for different treatment focus

Significantly quieter than comparable to other massage guns


Technical details

Dimensions Massage pistol 20 * 23 * 7cm

Motor / power 15-220 w

Speeds 6 levels 22khz 28hz 33hz 44hz 46hz 55hz

Stroke / min 1300 rpm -3200 rpm

Battery Fast charging 2600mAh lithium-ion battery, driving time 5 hours, fast charging technology

Weight 1.04 kg

Massage heads 6

Pressure sensor yes

Bag included



Made of aluminum

Volume flow sliding technology 43 - 63 dB

Intelligent functions Smart Timing & Smart Shut Off after 10 min

Stroke length 12 mm

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