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Massage gun mini with light show 

  • Changing light depending on speed, get a completely different experience when massaging
  • Ergonomic design T shaped with patent
  • Massage gun for sports massage with 6 speeds, which can be easily adjusted to personal wishes
  • Tesla battery technology - 2 hours fast charging

Smart lighting system provides light with different colors, brightness and flashing depending on the status of the massage gun, movement, standby and different speeds.

It provides a high-tech light show in a dark environment and also increases the performance of the massage. The lamp has a separate switch that can be turned off when you do not need it.

Brushless DC motor has no brushes that can be worn, which represents the latest innovation in electric motor technology. Compared to brushed, brushless motors have significantly higher comfort, efficiency and performance and longer life

Speed / Strength: 6 different speeds with 1600-3200 beats per minute

Stroke depth: 80 mm 

Voltage 12 Volts 

Power 70W 

Box included 

Charging type: Type C USB 

Battery capacity: 2000 mAh, 18650 lithium-ion battery 

Battery life: 4-6 hours in normal use. 9 hours at the lowest level without resistance. 

Dimensions: Width 13cm - Height 16cm 

Weight 0.7KG

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