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Powerful in Mini format, as powerful as a larger massage gun

Massage Gun Mini test

Should not be compared with cheaper similar variants

Perfect for relieving muscle aches and getting your circulation on your best buddy for workout pain :) 

  • 6 nozzles for easy access to all muscle groups
  • 3 speeds
  • Low sound level (35-55db)
  • Automatic stop after 10min
  • Stroke: 10 mm
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

3-4h battery life

Charging time 2-3 hours 

3-stroke engine (1500/2200/2800 bpm)

Comfortable sound level (35-55db) 

Stroke: 10 mm 

820 grams 

Dimensions 18.8 * 6.2 * 24.2cm 

Quality battery from LG Lithium-Ion 2600mAh 

35-55 decibels 

Stroke 10 mm 

Nozzles 6 pcs 

Working time about 4h 

Color Black / Gray

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