Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment in Sweden 

Medical Equipment & Medical Products from 1948 Recognized good care products produced from 1948. Today you can find our medical furniture and medical equipment Medical Equipment in most Swedish hospitals and health centers, as well as a variety of locations around the world (Russia, Hong Kong, India, Morocco, Dubai, Libya, Saudi Arabia, many European countries, etc.) Our goal is to satisfy today's demanding requirements of medical equipment / medical products with superior quality, ease of use, high patient comfort at competitive prices. Some references where medical products are: RUSSIA DENMARK, ICELAND, ESTONIA, LATVIA, Lithuania AFRICA, MIDDLE EAST Over the last 20-25 years we have delivered a lot of products to countries such as Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (Dubai etc emirater) mm. NORWAY, Trondheim Then called the "Northern Europe's largest construction project" - the new hospital there - we were in tough competition to deliver our products. Although this was a question of gynstolar, kombigyn and bipartite and tripartite study bunks. HONG KONG A larger number Kombigynstolar shipped to Hong Kong a few years ago. INDONESIA One of our Asian distributors in Indonesia. Through them we have been delivering a number gynstolar to the Indonesian health care. CANADA Montreal's new "Montreal Fertility Center" chose our gynstolar to their business. Click on the images for more information