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Examination bridges healthcare

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Three-piece british with heart position, electric. In addition to being excellent for general examination, the three-part breech with its heart position is adapted for eg EEG examinations.


Fully welded steel pipes. Flexible undercarriage in a stable construction with four lifting points. Low minimum height and high altitude makes the patient's on and off easier and provides good adjustment possibilities so that the staff gets ergonomically correct working posture. Chromed or powder coated steel pipe stand, electric or hydraulic (manual) design.

Paper Roll Holder

A paper roll holder is included.


There are two variants of armrests, one fixed and one fully adjustable. Sold in pairs.

Backrest, shock position and bendyna

The backrest and the so-called shock position (that the breech's foot end can be raised quickly if a patient comes into shock or fainting) is controlled manually, and is activated very easily via one of the handles located on both sides of the backrest and foot end. Also, the bending pad is controlled manually and very easily.

We also have a treatment chair where both back, height and bendyna are regulated electrically. See our sampling chair on the pillar.


Very stable and easy-rolling central locking wheels, 125 mm in diameter. The central locking means that all the wheels are locked and released with a single pedal pressure.

Cushions and leveling

The cushions are seated and comfortable and filled with 4 cm padding. The chrome-plated frame of the lying surface protects the cushions from bumps. The artificial leather is available in a large selection of colors to match the room's decor. Also see the bunk and change the color yourself in the tab "See our colors" at the bottom of this page

White protective cover

Protects the engine. Its clean lines simplify cleaning.


(not on hydraulic brits)

220-240 V / 24 V. Hand control (24 V) standard, foot control (24 V) accessory. Available with battery backup.


Central locking 125 mm wheels, one of which is direction-locked to facilitate transport

The backrest

Stepless adjustable in angle with gas piston. Easily accessible controls.

The seat

Stepless adjustable in angle with gas piston. Easily accessible controls.

The leg portion

Stepless folding with gas piston. Easily accessible controls.

shock Location

Stepless folding with gas piston. Easily accessible controls.

Dimensions & Weight

Height: 57-95 cm

Length: 200 cm

Length of back part: 76 cm

Length of seat cushion: 46 cm

Length of leg section: 76 cm

Width: 70 cm

Backrest, angle: 70 °

Shock mode, angle: 20 °

Leg support, angle: 38 °

Weight: 72 kg

Max patient weight: 160 kg.

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