Gynchair - electrically adjustable with two or three motors

Ergonomic Gynecologist see Gynstol is developed in consultation with healthcare personnel for the best patient comfort, user-friendliness and ergonomics

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Ergonomic Gynchair

The gynstol is designed in consultation with healthcare professionals for the best patient comfort, user-friendliness and ergonomics


White lacquered or chrome-plated stand of fully welded steel tubes of the highest quality. Stable construction with four lifting points.

Low minimum height and high maximum height facilitate the patient's on and off and gives the user good adjustment possibilities for the right working position.

Smooth construction makes the gyn chair easy to place in the examination room.

Seat plate and shock position Adjusted with electric motor. The backrest is regulated with a gas cylinder (standard) or electric motor (accessory).

Lie Flat

The cushions are filled with 4 cm foam padding, covered with artificial leather. The kicker frame protects the pads against shocks.

collection Box

Stainless steel collection box with flat bottom included (picture at bottom)


Movement takes place smoothly with 100 mm central locking wheels (Standard wheel image to the left), the gynstol can be moved with the patient

Weight capacity - 200 kg

Foam plastic cushions with very high comfort, covered with synthetic leather

Motor 220-240 V / 24 V

Foot control (24 V) standard

Hand control (24 V) accessories

Available with battery backup (accessory)

Width 55 cm

Backrest - Length 90 cm, angle + 54 °

Leg plate Length 43 cm

Height 53-110 cm, angle from -10 ° to + 15 °

Seat plate - Length 34 cm, angle from + 15 ° to -10 °

Total length incl. Leg plate 175 cm

Total length without leg plate 126 cm

Shock position angle -15 °

Weight 55 kg


Please indicate in the order if you want any of the following accessories in the message box

White lacquered base -> (010-0000)

Neck Pillow -> (010-0100)

Patient handle, chromed and sliding / detachable on accessory rail (010-2033)

Colposcope bracket (please specify model / make) -> (010-2035)

Leg plate, extendable / insertable -> (010-2036)

Folding side supports -> (010-2061)

Electrically adjustable backrest -> (010-2062)

Footstool -> (010-2063)

White wheels -> (010-2064)

Addition for Urology -> (010-2065)

Infusion Stand -> (010-8080)

Battery backup -> (010-8201)

Lamp gyn / Kombi

Halux 50 P SX, 2-stage switch. Available with bracket for placement on gynstol or Kombigyn -> (090-5000)


Wall bracket -> (090-5001)

Floor Stands -> (090-5003)

Swivel chair / combi bracket -> (090-5004)

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