Infusion set folding, 3-piece

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Saying about Violetta:

"I give them MVG or ten wasps of ten possible! We have little storage space. // Nurses at LIVA, Astrid Lindgren's Children's Hospital, Karolinska in Solna

"Easy to maneuver and smooth for staff and patients. Simple, easy and good. Smooth to fold together and take with you." // Marie Roth, Nurse AVH team, Kungälv Hospital

“We in the business are very pleased with Violetta. It is easy to bring to the patient and takes little space to store. Violetta has also proved to be very stable when the patient herself used it. ”// Kerstin Dribe Head of Health Unit Capio ASIH Dalen

Violetta is the infusion site that saves space. You can store up to 16 Violetta of 0.5 m2 surface!

And space is money.

Home Health Care

Because Violetta is very easy to carry and practical to take with it, it therefore means a great help for staff within ASIH and other home care. No more cumbersome handling of heavy and large infusion racks out and in cars and up stairs.


With Violetta you do not have space-consuming infusion stands that steal important storage spaces. During hanging storage, floor space is released, which also facilitates cleaning.

On our one- and two-storey racks you can easily hang up to 16 Violetta of about 0.5 m2 (8 on a single-storey rack). On our two-piece suspension rack you can hang a total of 16 3-piece Violetta, 8 per floor.

Due to the space that is saved during hanging storage, Violetta is also very helpful to anyone who is planning planning spaces in hospitals, health centers and other care units.



Does your drip stand have an ability to "get feet" and disappear into another department? Since one can get the place in different colors for different departments, there is never any question of who owns the infusion site. Violetta is available in the colors red, silver, blue and black, where red is standard. What color does your department want?


Optional. Removable, combined carrying and steering handle.


For hanging the drip bag, and for hanging up the place during storage. The hooks allow the suspension of one or more infusion stands on hooks or cabinets / wardrobes. As an option, there is an extra double hook, which gives the infusion site a total of four hooks.

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Fembensfot i aluminium, hopfällbar.
I aluminium.
Lättrullande, tystgående och stabila 75 mm hjul.
Röd, silver, blå och svart.
Längd 3-delat
Uppställd: Max 213 cm. Min 89 cm.
Hopfälld: Ca 89 cm
Längd 2-delat
Uppställd: Ca 215 cm
Hopfälld: Ca 117 cm
3-delad: 3,45 kg
2-delad: 3,35 kg
Pump + 5 kg på krokarna jämnt fördelat.

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