Tryckavlastande madrasser

Pillow top mattresses

Mattress for Fibromyalgia / Cheapest

Do you sleep right?

It pays to invest in a real pillow-top mattress, because you are half his life in bed.

When you test a mattress at SweHealth in a month at home, the cost is max 399 SEK. (299 kr for you and $ 100 in return)

Why are the mattresses good?

* The mattress molds to your body, your spine and the muscles get the rest they need to recover.

* You toss and turn you less, you get more sleep

* To maintain blood circulation

* Your back row are straight, in plain mattress so it can be curved, which contributes to many body lying problems.

SweHealth has three different types of mattress pads of two different material types. Ortho and Soft 8 cm thick and with a high volume weight of approximately 70 kg / m3 and Bass mattress 7cm thick with the same kind of temperature sensitive material that Ortho but with lower volume weight, 50 kg / m3.

Base mattress (cheapest in Sweden, with price guarantee!)

Bass mattress has a full 7 cm thick temperature-sensitive pressure-relieving material. It is slightly firmer / harder than our Ortho Mattress. Bass mattress has a very low price but still the same pressure relief function as our other mattresses. Base mattress supplied vacuum packed to the customer with a removable inner fabric of pure cotton.

Ortho Pillow top mattress

Ortho mattress alone with a thickness of as much as 8 cm. A genuine pressure relieving and temperature sensitive mattress that molds to the body heat. Orto with the thickness of the entire 8 cm, 10 year guarantee and the highest quality! Suitable for all types of back and hip problems, and for all who wish to improve sleep quality.

Soft Pillow top mattress

Soft Pillow top mattress pad is unique in Sweden and SweHealth alone with a true pressure-relieving 8 cm thick mattress pad that barely getting tougher all the cool bedroom environment. Soft is softer than the Base mattress but has the same hardness as Ortho mattress at about 20 degrees internal temperature. Soft Pillow top suitable for people who are sensitive to pressure with symptoms like fibromyalgia, arthritis, muscle pain, discomfort in the shoulders, neck. Soft mattress is for people who need an extra soft pillow-top mattress.

Pressure-relieving cushions

Pressure relieving pillow that molds perfectly to your head and neck. The ergonomically shaped from two sides and can therefore be reversed. Provides good support for the neck both when you lie on your back and on the side. The pillow also has an inner cover and comes in white carton customer with practical plastic handle.

Pressure relieving bed mattresses are designed and tested to meet our Spine experts of high quality. Our products can not cause allergic reactions, we have not had any cases of asthma, allergies or rashes.