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Upmarket Podiatry chair equipped with 3 Motors

that control height, backrest and seat inclination.

Reclining armrests and headrest cushion adjustable

in multiple fixed positions. Legrests swivel in two

fixed positions up to 90 ° and are independently

adjustable in height by gas lift. White or gray PU

upholstery of high quality that eases cleaning.

Size: 168x81.5x54 / 128cm

Weight: 75 Kg

Upholstery: PU

Engine: 3

1 Angle

2 Extension ± 18 cm

0º ~ 80º

3 Angle 0º ~ 80º

4 Swivel legrest angle 0º ~ 90º

5 Angle 0º ~ 12º

6 Up and Down 54/128 cm

7 Extension ± 10 cm

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