Towel Heater Salon -7.5L

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Well thought out towel heater 7.5L latest design 2020

Towel heater with UV sterilizer. Double overheating protection. Separate on / off switch for UV light and UV light protection. The lights are switched on / closed when the door is opened / closed. Semi-transparent windows prevent the UV light from glowing through, while being transparent enough to follow the heating process in the unit. 

  •  The towel basket 
  •  Water Collection tray
  •  UV lamp & Ozone generator. Ideal for keeping towels warm in perfect hygienic conditions


Length: 35 cm 

Width: 28.5 cm 

Height: 26 cm 

Weight: 4.5 kg 

Power: 130 W 

Frequency: 50 / 60Hz 

Voltage: 220-240 V 

Inner tank volume: 7.5 L 


Temperature: 70-80ºC 

How to Use Towel Heater 

Connect the device, turn it on.

Open the door and put in the towels 

Close the door and make sure it is properly closed. 

Turn on the heating function by pressing the "Hot" button and the appliance will start heating up. 

When the temperature reaches 70 ° C, the unit will switch to an automatic temperature retention status. 

When the UV ozone generator is activated and the ozone function is on, the blue light turns on 

Clean the water tank -> Remove it and clean it. After cleaning, push it back into place.

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