Tarsus massagebänkar

Tarsus Massage Tables 

We at SweHealth is the proud supplier of Tarsus, a renowned Swedish manufactured Massage Tables manufactured in more than 75 000 copies

Many national teams, both several Swedish and a number of foreign, have many years experience of Tarsus benches, as well as amounts of other sports clubs as well as masseurs and other therapists in many parts of the world.

1,5 years ago we took the step away from artificial leather softeners called phthalates. Now we are taking another step to a leather called Peri, who will be still better. Also new is that now all customers to choose among all our colors, a total of nine colors, at no extra cost!

The new leatherette - and here we are the first in Sweden among suppliers with this upgrade - is a synthetic leather PVC free from so-called phthalates. Phthalates are a group of chemicals traditionally used among other things as softeners in PVC. It is phthalate-free means that it can also be used in areas where there is a requirement that phthalates may not occur. A leather that do not contain phthalates have also proven to be more durable and smells less than most products with phthalates.