Massage bench Model TE

Model TE

Model TE has an adjustable headrest with associated head pillow and arm cradle. The pillow is attached with Velcro and can be moved along the main support frame. The arm cradle is adjustable in height.

Since the headrest can be angled steplessly, it is easy to find an ideal position. The headrest can be folded in during transport and therefore needs to be removed from the bench. The pillow and arm cradle will then fit inside the bench during transport.

Model TE, like the MA and ZON models, can be used with our electric or hydraulic chassis.

TE is recommended for example ...

* if you work a lot with neck and shoulders. You lie more relaxed on a TE than on a MA. The headrest on the TE can be adjusted at an angle and you can access much better around the neck than on the model MA.

* if you want a bench that - folding - is slightly shorter than MA, which can be practical when going in & out of the car etc. TE folding weight is 80 cm long while MA is 95.

* if you plan to expand your business with an electric or hydraulic chassis. Both MA, TE and ZON can be supplemented with the chassis.

TE is NOT recommended ...

* if you need to be able to have the patients sitting sometimes, then you should have a ZON.

* if you need a bench longer than 190 cm, then there is an MA + headrest you should have. It gives a total length of about 220 cm.