Massage bench model ZON

Model ZON

Model ZON is our only portable bench with an adjustable backrest. It is particularly suitable for, for example, reflexology and other treatments where the patient needs to sit. The bench has facial holes in the cushion. The backrest can be raised in six steps, between 0-48º, and is very stable.

Model ZON, like the TE and MA models, can be used with our electric or hydraulic chassis.

ZON is recommended for example ... 

* for reflexology, facial treatments etc.

* if you need to have the patient sitting sometimes. The backrest can be raised / lowered and set in seven fixed positions, between 0-48º.

* if you want the bench that is the most flexible. You can have both sitting and lying patients: You can also supplement ZON with a headrest.

* if you plan to expand your business with an electric or hydraulic chassis. Both MA, TE and ZON can be supplemented with electric or hydraulic chassis.

ZON is NOT recommended ...

* if you never need sitting treatment but only have the patients lying down.

* if you want a bench that is 45-55 cm or 70 cm wide. ZON is only available in 60 cm.