Tarsus Modell MA

Massage benches model MA

Model MA is our first bestseller and the treatment bench that started it all. It is the easiest bench to fold up and fold. Available in widths 45-70 cm, in fourteen colors and white or black lacquered chassis, all to be adapted to your business and taste.

Model MA, like the TE and ZON models, can be used with our electric or hydraulic chassis. 

MA is recommended for example ... 

* if you prefer the simplest possible, cheapest possible Tarsus bench. 

* if you need extra long bench. If you combine an MA and a headrest, you get a bench that is a total of 220 cm long. The headrest is then placed on the foot side of the MA bench, so you do not have to lie over the face hole. 

* if you primarily work with Tactile stimulation, healing or similar therapies that do not require head support regulation. Of course, it also works for regular massages. 

* if you plan to expand your business with an electric or hydraulic chassis. Both MA, TE and ZON can be supplemented with the chassis. 

MA is NOT recommended ... 

* if you need to be able to have the patients sitting sometimes, then you should have a ZON. 

* If you want to be able to regulate the neck position and work a lot with the massage of the neck and shoulders, then this is the TE you should have.