TENS / Muscle stimulation

Miostimulators / TENS

What is TENS?

(TENS, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) The electrodes attached to the body sent tiny electrical impulses to the muscle fibers and nerves. These impulses are forcing the muscles to tense. The advantage of TENS is that this is done without physical exercise, it is mentally relaxed and without stress on the joints. You really feel the muscles working, and that blood circulation triggers.

TENS machines contain different programs that are chosen based on what you want to achieve.

Who uses TENS and why?

TENS device used by joggers, athletes, elite athletes, people with muscular problems and physiotherapists with behandlingsprogram.TENS apparatus is common among elite athletes in most sports worldwide. Stimulators are very powerful and effective and you will quickly achieve results.

When used TENS? / TENS device

TENS pain relief can be used before and during childbirth - has also been shown to provide pain relief and improved wound healing in peripheral circulatory disorders

TENS is also effective for nausea.

TENS can be combined with many other treatments, including pharmacological therapy and acupuncture.

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