TENS muscle stimulator SweTens Allround

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Advanced TENS combination device that provides Massage, TENS and EMS in the same TENS device, rechargeable via USB with finished 22 programs 

Treatment area:

TENS: shoulder, back, arm, leg, hip and joint 

EMS: shoulder, arm, back, legs and hip


TENS: 9 program

EMS: 8 program

MASSAGE: 5 massage program

Adjustable programs

Product Features:

3 in 1 (TENS + EMS + MASSAGE)

2 channels

4x 50 * 50mm electrodes

2x cables

22 program

40 levels

120 Max. 120mA (at 500 Ohm load)

500 mA rechargeable Li-ion battery 


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140mm lång 49mm bred 19mm tjock

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