The trail in the sub-extremity poster poster English

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Joints of lower extremities

51x66 cm

Laminated poster that can be hung up with our black poster edges that are included in the purchase. The 75-micron laminate we ourselves have been responsible for, and it makes the poster water-repellent and safer against wear. One can write with a marker without damaging the poster.

The posters are printed in the US and measure 20x26 inches. Converted to Swedish dimensions including a few millimeters for the lamination, the dimensions are 51x66 cm. 
Developed in collaboration with doctors and professors in anatomy, "the Joints of the Lower Extremities Anatomical Chart" is designed to show anatomical stored perspectives that make it easier for chiropractors, masseurs, orthopedists and general practitioners to explain the under-extremity diseases, injuries and conditions. 

The images show the legs, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels in the hip (anterior and posterior), the knee (anterior, posterior, medial, lateral), the ankle and foot (medial and lateral).

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